retail air filtration specialists michigan ohio indianaBrick and mortar building managers have unique considerations when planning their commercial air filtration needs.  First of all, special considerations such as the flow and volume of people through the space, the shelving and restocking of products, even clothing on shelves and racks.

Additionally, adjacent businesses such as cafes, coffee shops and restaurants, all contribute to the air quality in retail spaces.  It affects the perception of clean air quality.  If unpleasant to the customer, can negatively affect their experience.  And, result in less spending with a company.

Uncomfortable buyers or occupants can have a significant impact on the profitability of a retail businesses. As well as employee morale, which can also negatively impact the customer experience, and result in lower profits.

Professional Commercial Air Filtration Specialists are Important Partners to Facilities Managers. 

Competent air filtration specialists help to create a comfortable environment by eliminating airborne contaminants, gasses and odors, that affect the health and well-being of customers and clients.

More importantly, a comfortable work environment for employees should be a significant consideration to building managers. Employee attitudes affect a customer’s experience with the retail facility. Happy employees make happy customers!

Common retail spaces to consider indoor air quality are:

  • Shopping malls with stores side by side, either with a common area of combined entrances or a strip mall setting with individual entrances. Many shopping malls have increased pollution from adjacent restaurants, and speciality stores. Commercial air filtration is used in HVAC systems to protect the people, employees, customers and inventories.  Commercial carbon filters correct odor issues, too.
  • Restaurants, cafes and diner managers work diligently to protect employee and food & beverage exposures.   Retail air filtration reduces the degradation of the building structure.  Including furniture, fixtures, carpets and surfaces.
  • Theaters and arenas work to guard the building furniture, fixtures and surfaces.  Managers limit exposure of building occupants to sicknesses easily sneezed along person-to-person in this type of venue, with high human capacity.
  • Exercise facilities, yoga studios, gyms, recreation centers work endlessly to control the contaminants produced by a high-level human activities.  Human activities produce millions upon millions of particulates and odors in retail spaces. Contaminants are controlled with commercial air and carbon filters.

Deep Cleaning Affects Indoor Air Quality of Large Big Box Stores 

  • Large department stores (big box stores) that have significant inventories of products, many including groceries.  Most notably, the facility manager ensures a visually pleasing environment by scheduling deep cleaning during non-peak hours.  Commercial air filteration removes fine airborne particulates produced during stocking and cleaning activities.  The air filters are in building HVAC units, many on the rooftop.
  • A competent retail air filtration specialist will inspect the rooftop and report issues before costly roof repairs are required. (Tip: Tri State Filter Company does this for their big box store customers!)
  • Auto dealerships, family fun-centers, bowling alleys, pet stores, dry cleaners, sporting equipment, fast-food restaurants, auto-parts, massage studios, hair salons, nail salons and spas. The needs list for quality retail air filtration in commercial spaces goes on and on.

Contact Tri State Filter Company today to discuss your commercial air filtration needs and requirements today!  We’ll help you create a comfortable space with clean indoor air quality.  Your retail employees and customers will maintain a positive customer experience and profitability.

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