filter for paint booth michigan ohio indianaAs a best practice, regular maintenance includes changing the filter for paint booth to protect your paint booth equipment. First, consider changing the paint booth intake and exhaust filters with regularity to make sure the booth continues to operate properly.

Second, prevent damage to the booth fan or other components. Finally, gunked-up and clogged filters in the paint booth will slow the air flow, which allows dust and dirt to collect in the booth.

These considerations are critical when planning a filter for paint booth maintenance program.

To determine when to change your paint booth filters, check your booth’s work hour logs.  The workload changes week over week, month over month, or even seasonally.  A good estimate on when to change your booth exhaust filters is between 50-100 logged work hours.   Be sure to refer to the booth guidelines though.

Additionally, pay close attention to both the intake and exhaust filters.  Also, your booth may have filters in the air heater and control panel that need to be changed. It’s best to identify all areas and components of your booth that have filters.  Then, regularly monitor and plan to change filters as needed.   This could be a task to add to the regular inspection schedule.

Regular Booth Maintenance and Cleaning

Over time, the inside walls and floor of the paint booth will collect over-spray. So, to ensure the best quality finishes on your work, and safest work environment, plan to maintain the cleanliness of the booth daily and schedule regular cleaning maintenance.

For example, a daily best practice would be to sweep the floors while the booth is turned on and in operation.  On an as needed basis, the walls can be cleaned with a gentle detergent and soft cloth.   You can also hire Tri State Filter Company to do the booth maintenance for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

You may consider using paint booth protection products, such as peel off booth coatings and floor papers.  A practical and efficient way to protect the paint booth surfaces and prevent the buildup of over-spray.

Filter for Paint Booth Service and Preventive Maintenance Program

Ensure your booth runs at peak efficiency and remains in good condition.  Schedule our preventive maintenance and filter for paint booth service program.

Tri State Filter Company will customize the program based upon your needs.  Further, our programs include filter replenishment, replacement, cleaning, inspection and even emergency support services.

Our regular preventive maintenance program will keep your paint booth in tip-top shape.  Even more, operating at peak efficiency.  Further, service will save your shop time, money, and potential costly downtime and repairs. Contact us today!

Paint Booth Maintenance Service in Michigan Ohio Indiana