commercial air filters michigan ohio indianaIndoor air quality (IAQ) is of significant concern to businesses and building managers.  Managers choose commercial air filters because the spaces within commercial buildings directly impact the health, safety, comfort, well-being and productivity of building occupants.

Commercial buildings and spaces present unique air filtration challenges, which,  need to be considered when choosing air filters. The highest priority and concern should always be the protection of building occupants from airborne contaminants that can negatively impact their health.

Commercial air filters also help building managers to reduce costs and keep the HVAC system operating efficiently.  Preventive maintenance measures allow the reduction of maintenance costs.  The air filtration technician should inspect the equipment when changing out the filters.  Any issues found can be resolved before a larger, more costly, issue occurs.

Commercial air filters also help reduce cleaning costs by keeping dust particles and contaminants from circulating within the commercial spaces.  Some spaces where air filters are an important consideration are:

Commercial Air Filters for Professional Services, Medical Care and Office Spaces

Commercial spaces for professional services are especially critical, where poor indoor air quality can negatively impact patients, customers by transferring illnesses through coughing and sneezing.

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect the employee occupant’s productivity due to an uncomfortable work environment and increased sick days. Commercial air filters can clean all the airborne particles and:

  • Reduce the risk and frequency of sicknesses such colds or the flu.
  • Limit the exposure to airborne contaminants that are created by the breakdown of office equipment, furniture and fixtures and the break down and off-gassing of building materials such as carpets, vinyl floorings, laminates, etc.

Commercial Air Filters for Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Hotels

This type of commercial space and other transitory type spaces have special considerations as human exposure is increased because of contaminants introduced through:

  • High levels of human traffic through the spaces
  • Dust particles created by stocking/restocking shelves
  • Lint and dust particles produced during the cleaning of guest rooms and common spaces are a major airborne contaminant producer
  • Contaminants brought in from the outdoors transported in by people
  • The human body is constantly shedding thousands to hundreds of thousands of particles depending on their activity levels.
  • Good quality commercial air filters can effectively remove these sub-micron particles. Transferable sicknesses through sneezing and coughing are removed.
  • Spaces, such as night clubs, casinos and arenas, add another factor to consider where smoking is allowed. Smoking introduces another level of contaminants to remove.

Keep Customers and Building Occupants Comfortable with Commercial Air Filters

The main objective for many building managers is to keep customers and building occupants comfortable.  Thereby, they will stay longer and spend more.  Or, continue to return and spend money over the long term at the business.

Air particle contaminants, gasses and odors are a significant consideration for commercial air filters.  Quality air filters ensure building occupants are comfortable.  Or, offended, or even at risk, by odors or gasses that can affect health and well-being.

Proper air filters can control the gasses known as bio-effluents (body odors) from room exhausts.  Additionally, they can control odors from adjacent or attached commercial spaces, such as restaurants, bars, hotels, even casinos, that allow smoking in space.

Smoke and ozone, an EPA-defined gaseous contaminant, is removed with proper air filtration and smoke odor removal filters.

Contact Tri State Filter Company to discuss your commercial air filters today.  We’ll help make your commercial spaces comfortable and safe, and free of the contaminants that present risks to your building occupants.

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