air filter supplier michigan ohio indianaAre you looking for a trusted air filter supplier in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana?  You may have just ended your search.  Tri State Filter Company has been serving the tri-states since 2002, and understands your business.

We know that indoor air quality and facilities health and safety are major concerns within a work place.  As a best practice, all safety and security measures should be integrated into the regular preventive maintenance programs.

For example, an automotive paint booth shop manager will have different preventive maintenance and air filtration needs than the industrial manufacturing operations manager.  Further, the retail shopping center manager has different priorities from the commercial office space facility coordinator.

However, they all share a common responsibility.  Most importantly, that is to create an ideal work environment.  Not only for the workers and building occupants to keep them safe from risk or harm. But, for the quality output of the work that is produced within the space.

If you are looking for a reliable air filter supplier in and around Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Tri State Filter Company is your best bet!

Because, we provide our clients with air filters of different sizes and MERV ratings.  We also offer a custom, make-to-order, air filter program for facilities, maintenance and operations managers, HVAC contractors, manufacturers, and paint booth operations managers.

What else do these roles have in common? Similarly, they all purchase from a reputable air filter supplier they trust.  They do this to ensure the air in the workplace environment is safe, clean and comfortable for the building occupants and product outputs.

Custom Make-to-Order Polyester Air Filter Program

Tri State Filter Company’s custom polyester air filter program and change service is offered throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana and, therefore, saves time and money.

Additionally, we have a vast inventory of stock pleated air filters, cartridge air filters, dust collector filters and polyester air filters.  We fabricate custom, special-sized polyester filters, links and pads to your specifications.

An agile air filter supplier offers flexibility

We make our polyester filters to order and in smaller quantities.  This manufacturing capability allows us to be an agile air filter supplier which allows us to be very flexible to serve even your most difficult facility air filtration needs.

The process starts with special consideration of the overall work place environment.  We learn all the activities and processes that take place within the facility.  To get a clear understanding, we start the program with an on-site walk-through of your facility.

Air filters in the custom-made polyester filter program come with a MERV rating of 7-11, available in any size, and for any facility environment imaginable.  We make it really easy for you!

So, customers that are more hands-on and want to change out their own filters, we ship direct to your facility.  Additionally, we also offer a ‘to your door’ delivery service by one of our air filtration specialists.

We want to earn your business.  We want your experience with us to be positive…  A relationship you will come to count on and trust.  Tri State will save time and money, with every order backed by a 100% quality guarantee.

Contact Tri State Filter Company today, your one-stop air filter supplier serving Michigan Ohio and Indiana, to discuss your air filtration needs…you’ll be glad you did!

We provide quality service and Air Filter to Michigan Ohio Indiana.