air filter michigan ohio indianaWhy Choose Our Custom Air Filter Service in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana?

When planning your next commercial air filter or industrial air filter purchase, there are many factors to consider for the desired indoor air quality of the facility.

The factors to consider are building type, square footage of the facility, the environment, number of HVAC units and use of the space, just to name a few.

So, choose a custom air filter program that’s tailored to consider all factors.  Compared to standard pleated air filters, the program will save money, reduce waste, and improve overall air quality using our custom, high-efficiency, air filter program.

Tri State Filter Company Custom High Efficiency Air Filter Program in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana

A transition from your current products and service to a custom air filter and change service solution can be a significant improvement to your overall maintenance process and profitability.

Customers realize efficiencies and increased cash flow by developing a custom program specific to their facility needs. The program starts with an on-site survey to understand the building requirements. Then, we schedule service and get straight to work manufacturing the air filters for your custom program.

Our filters use high-performance filtration media options with a MERV rating of 7-11.  We start with a precisely measured galvanized steel frame that doesn’t allow any possibility of air bypass as compared to standard pleated air filters.

Additionally, our custom program increases surface filtration because there is no cardboard supports or frame edges limiting air flow.  In contrast to pleated filters, our filters increase surface filtration by using steel braces and wire grids to hold the filtration media in place.

In addition to increasing the surface area of filtration, our custom air filter program also allows a more balanced distribution of dust particles.   For comparison, the cardboard supports of pleated air filters can lead to an unequal distribution of dust, which causes it to accumulate more heavily in places on the filter.

The air flow becomes restricted, forcing systems to work harder to force air through.  Which increases building utility costs.  Our custom filter program can increase the performance of your air filtration system and help to reduce overall utility costs.

Performance of Our Custom Air Filter Program vs. Standard Pleated Filters

When comparing standard pleated filters to our custom-made filters, our filtration media specs are just as good, or better than pleated.  And, offers a MERV rating of 7 – 11.

We’re very confident our custom air filter program and change service offers the same or better air filtration quality as pleated air filters.  While, also, increasing overall efficiencies.

Plus, we offer a 100% quality guarantee, which has allowed us to acquire and retain long-term partnerships over sixteen years in business.

Cost Savings of Our Custom Air Filters vs. a Pleated Filter Program

While pleated air filters are a good solution, our custom frame and pad program offers a better, more efficient product.  And, its backed with a 100% quality guarantee.

Therefore, our custom air filter program and change service can cost significantly less than using standard pleated filters.  Especially considering commercial or industrial facility expenses.  The cost savings is available for even small-scale orders with Tri State Filter Company. So, give us a call today!

Conscientious Air Filter Program Reduces Waste

Additionally, our solutions will help you to be environmentally conscientious by reducing waste.  Air filtration media is made using recycled plastic bottles and other regenerated materials.

Using recycled media reduces the consumption of raw materials in manufacturing.  Standard pleated air filters are made using virgin fibers that require a greater use of raw materials.

Also, our custom air filters use no cardboard in its frame or supports.  We don’t use the tape, glue or other fastener supplies, that standard pleated filters do.

Galvanized steel frames can be reused and repurposed.  Whereas, when pleated filters are changed out, the cardboard and fasteners are wasted.  The custom program eliminates waste and contributes to sustainable future.

Summary Benefits of Tri State Filter Company

The benefits of using our custom air filter program and change service is flexibility, backed by a 100% quality guarantee.  The program is very adaptable to your building requirements.  Commercial and industrial partners such as Meijer, BP, Smuckers, First Solar, Ford and Ball, save money and gain efficiencies in equipment performance and utility costs.

Our methods often have a higher efficiency and performance than standard pleated filters. Offering a MERV rating of 7-11.  And, customize the program to your needs.

The filtration media and methods used in manufacturing allows for less bypass of dust particles.  It also allows for increased filtration surface area, and reduced air flow restriction.  The custom program significantly reduces costs as compared to using standard pleated filters.   Contact us today to learn more!

And, finally, by partnering with Tri State Filter Company, your business or company can reduce its environmental impact.  You do this by eliminating the waste of more complex manufacturing processes.  We don’t use the raw materials and resources, tapes and toxic adhesives that go in to a complex manufacturing process.

Give us a call today!  We look forward to showing you how to turn your buildings air flow into increased cash flow and profits!

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